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They make my life more compliant during the day

Female smiling
Female smiling

Being a software developer is wonderful; it allows us to be informed about different technologies because we are constantly intertwined. It is simpler to follow different websites, blogs, and resources, and it is easier to absorb what those who know.

I generally like to listen to music, but recently I started spending time in different environments. Following software podcasts and articles always helps me have fun and learn.

Today, I will share the websites that I follow constantly — because they inspire me.


First, I’ll start with this browser extension that allows me to keep track of daily articles related…

Things to know for an awesome project architecture

Hello, today I will talk about a subject that took some time while learning. In this field, I try to improve my competencies and gain more and more information every day. While learning, it is very helpful to ask too many questions, reflect on the answers received, and even write an article. Feel free to ask questions related to the subject.

How will I go about it?

I will talk about what we need to know before writing a middle-level Web API that is compatible with SOLID principles. In my next article, I will develop a suitable Web API. …

Level up your coding and interview skills

Image of female thinking hard
Image of female thinking hard

Algorithms have a major place in programming. If you think about a program’s algorithm, it will not be difficult to write that program. Therefore, developing algorithm logic is very critical and should be focused on when dealing with software. An algorithm is designed in a way to solve a certain problem or achieve a specific goal. One of the best ways you can improve your algorithm logic is to solve lots of problems.

Beginners to solving algorithm questions should not stress themselves over this at first, because it is a technique that has been learned over time. Of course, make…

Open source is a boon for software developers

In the broadest sense, open-source is the idea of unlimited access to the source code of software. Everyone can access and change the code of the program to some extent.

If a program is open source, it is freely available to source code users. Its users have the ability to get this source code, modify it, and distribute their own versions of the program.

Users can also distribute copies of the original program as many times as they want. Anyone can use the program for any purpose. There are no license fees or other restrictions in the software.

In the…

Know the technical and characteristic habits it takes to excel at your job

Person using a tablet with a laptop open in the background
Person using a tablet with a laptop open in the background

If anyone asks about the possibilities of software, I say that it is an endless valley. There are countless job opportunities in the field of software because we now encounter it in every moment of our lives.

While the business areas are increasing day by day, the number of software developers has also increased considerably. Company owners who are big, well-established, or value business quality pay more attention to certain points in their recruitment.

Writing code helps solve many problems in the software world. However, the solved problem may reappear in a different form after a while.

I have had…

From the perspective of a software developer

Woman looking at phone
Woman looking at phone

Software is now in all areas of our lives. Since the pandemic is a part of our lives, the idea of working from home and developing technology has increased the number of people who want to become software developers.

I’ve run into many people in this situation, but I am looking for a few logical reasons why they want to change sectors. Why are you taking this risk? What are your expectations? Do you think it’s really easy? I thought hearing their thoughts would answer my questions.

An electrical engineer and friend of mine mentioned that he is moving away…

Thank you for sharing! I will check it.

Thoughts that make my day productive

I’ve been writing code for a long time, and there have been times when I struggled, couldn’t figure it out, and gave up.

People give up, they feel sad, and think they can not complete it — but they should think about it, grab some paper and write without running away from their problems.

Although what I write here is my thoughts, I consider the mistakes everyone makes when writing code, because, most times, everyone avoids the same things.

1. Do Not Start a New Task, Before the Other Task Is Completed.

It was one of the mistakes I made the most. …

Despite his sarcastic words, I realized I was growing

I knew that chances are, I’ll probably have a weird boss at some point in my career. Conflict can often occur when working with different people in different companies. This is a good challenge for people who love to survive. There are pretty valuable lessons you can learn from a lousy manager.

With a little creative interpretation of the situation, I’ve managed to glean a few lessons from the terrible boss. Well, I did not know if I had another chance.

1. I learned that I shouldn’t let anyone else change me

He tried to make me feel useless; he achieved it most of the time, so I tried to be…

The best way to learn Angular is to develop this kind of application. — Learn from scratch

To Do Apps a great way of learning the basics and concepts of a new framework language or any programming languages. Before diving deep into Angular, it’s best to get into the app in a simple to understand.

What is Angular?

Angular is a platform and framework for building single-page client applications using HTML and TypeScript. Angular is written in TypeScript. It implements core and optional functionality as a set of TypeScript libraries that you import into your apps.

When we complete our application, we will get this kind of view. What I have done here will delete something from the added to-do…

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