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Reviewing the new tool with a sample application

building with angular walls
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Hello everyone!

In this article, I’m going to talk with you about the tool called Angular DevTools which was released for the first time with Angular 12. This is the tool that allows you to debug your Angular application better to see the structure of your application.

It can remind you of the Augury extension which you might use. But Augury does not support the Ivy renderer. Angular DevTools supports it, and it works from Angular 9 and above.

Let’s get started!

Firstly I would like to share my basic Angular application inventory with you. I will also use this…

They make my life more compliant during the day

Female smiling
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Being a software developer is wonderful; it allows us to be informed about different technologies because we are constantly intertwined. It is simpler to follow different websites, blogs, and resources, and it is easier to absorb what those who know.

I generally like to listen to music, but recently I started spending time in different environments. Following software podcasts and articles always helps me have fun and learn.

Today, I will share the websites that I follow constantly — because they inspire me.


First, I’ll start with this browser extension that allows me to keep track of daily articles related…

Things to know for an awesome project architecture

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Hello, today I will talk about a subject that took some time while learning. In this field, I try to improve my competencies and gain more and more information every day. While learning, it is very helpful to ask too many questions, reflect on the answers received, and even write an article. Feel free to ask questions related to the subject.

How will I go about it?

I will talk about what we need to know before writing a middle-level Web API that is compatible with SOLID principles. In my next article, I will develop a suitable Web API. …

Level up your coding and interview skills

Image of female thinking hard
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Algorithms have a major place in programming. If you think about a program’s algorithm, it will not be difficult to write that program. Therefore, developing algorithm logic is very critical and should be focused on when dealing with software. An algorithm is designed in a way to solve a certain problem or achieve a specific goal. One of the best ways you can improve your algorithm logic is to solve lots of problems.

Beginners to solving algorithm questions should not stress themselves over this at first, because it is a technique that has been learned over time. Of course, make…

What’s more, planning this while you’re a full-time developer

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Every time I turn off the computer, I realize I’ve learned something new. Software is, without a doubt, the most significant aspect of my day, software is saving my life. The software provides me with several worlds to explore.

Meanwhile, the software is what we do for a living. Yes, some people do it as a hobby, but it is my full-time profession to show people my work. To be a successful software developer, you must work, learn. As a result, it means a great deal.

Writing & Software

This is a huge topic…

Who is he?

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Having entered the Janissary Corps at the age of 22, he became the chief architect of the Ottoman Empire and lived a lifetime;
A genius who fit 365 works including 92 mosques, 52 masjids, 55 madrasahs, 7 darülkurra, 20 tombs, 3 hospitals, 6 waterways, 10 bridges, 20 caravanserais, 36 palaces, 8 cellars, 48 baths. The world’s greatest ever architect is called the “Age of Sinan” in world architecture.

Who is “Mimar Sinan”?

The story of Mimar Sinan, who came out of the Ağırnas village of Kayseri, is like proof of how great the opportunity for even the children of ordinary families…

#3 We have to lose someone to find ourselves.

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I believe we can have a good day by reminding ourselves of certain sentences. Usually, we are more hopeful when starting a new day, but sometimes conditions make us feel bad.

There may be many reasons for this, but the conscious approach to problems helps us overcome them. Putting people at the center of our lives can be painful. Conditioning oneself for someone else and the importance of what people say tires us out.

I’ve had this problem at certain times in my life. Still, I am trying to be more careful when moving to a new month. …

A hands-on guide to writing data science cover letters

humanoid robot sitting on a bench looking at a laptop
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Data science appears to be one of the hottest careers on the globe from the turn of the 21st century to the present. So who is qualified to work in this field? It is seen that those who study in different fields, such as computer science, engineering, and social sciences, work in the field of data science, which incorporates numerous disciplines: Machine learning, statistics, data analysis, and computer science are only a few examples.

Data scientists can work in any business that needs the use of data, which is important for any company looking to grow. …

Self-love can be learned.

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Blogging. It helps me understand myself. In fact, when I write something, I forget my thoughts, my feelings, the real me. If I’m not writing or have any job, I am uncomfortable with my thoughts. Today when I’m free again, and I’ve been on vacation for a while, I felt that my self-love was not in my soul.

I’m also trying to write better for the IELTS exam these days. So in today’s topic, I want to share what I’m doing with my mental health.

In actual life, I am a completely unintelligible person. Especially for…

Everyone is talking about it, also everyone is struggling at this stage.

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But I got it!

I decided to write in my spare time from my career and internship around a year ago, and as a result, I improved my English and am now interested in my own software project. When it’s our own business, though, we don’t devote as much time or care as we should.

So, why aren’t your side hustle plans succeeding?

  • Getting out of our comfort zones takes some time.
  • We don’t have enough faith in our own opinion.
  • We become really exhausted.
  • We’re doing things that aren’t in our best interests.
  • We can’t see the finish line.

What should we do to guarantee that our side hustle is a success?

  1. Patience and continuousness are important qualities to have.

Nazlican Kurt

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