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Reviewing the new tool with a sample application

building with angular walls
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Hello everyone!

In this article, I’m going to talk with you about the tool called Angular DevTools which was released for the first time with Angular 12. This is the tool that allows you to debug your Angular application better to see the structure of your application.

It can remind…

They make my life more compliant during the day

Female smiling
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Being a software developer is wonderful; it allows us to be informed about different technologies because we are constantly intertwined. It is simpler to follow different websites, blogs, and resources, and it is easier to absorb what those who know.

I generally like to listen to music, but recently I…

Things to know for an awesome project architecture

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Hello, today I will talk about a subject that took some time while learning. In this field, I try to improve my competencies and gain more and more information every day. While learning, it is very helpful to ask too many questions, reflect on the answers received, and even write…

Level up your coding and interview skills

Image of female thinking hard
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Algorithms have a major place in programming. If you think about a program’s algorithm, it will not be difficult to write that program. Therefore, developing algorithm logic is very critical and should be focused on when dealing with software. An algorithm is designed in a way to solve a certain…

Understand the various data science roles and what kind of data scientist job role you should be in.


We are in the midst of a major change and transformation process, in which smart businesses see data as critical to their future success and adapt their organizations accordingly.

On the other…

You are using JavaScript with its extra features, but why?

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If you have applied for a job recently, you may have noticed that you often see different languages together. However, today I will talk about two languages that I always see side by side. I don’t hear anyone say “I…

Usually in the top 1000 authors. Writing is always easier than speaking for her. She writes, reads, and tell to people.

Author’s Instagram —

Hello! It’s Nazlıcan. Actually, my name can be pronounced with a combination of four names. You can call me “Naz”, “Nazli” “Nazlican” or “Can”. I still prefer Nazlican.


What’s more, planning this while you’re a full-time developer

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Every time I turn off the computer, I realize I’ve learned something new. Software is, without a doubt, the most significant aspect of my day, software is saving my life. The software provides me with several worlds to explore.

Meanwhile, the…

Who is he?

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Having entered the Janissary Corps at the age of 22, he became the chief architect of the Ottoman Empire and lived a lifetime;
A genius who fit 365 works including 92 mosques, 52 masjids, 55 madrasahs, 7 darülkurra, 20 tombs, 3 hospitals, 6 waterways, 10 bridges, 20 caravanserais…

#3 We have to lose someone to find ourselves.

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I believe we can have a good day by reminding ourselves of certain sentences. Usually, we are more hopeful when starting a new day, but sometimes conditions make us feel bad.

There may be many reasons for this, but the conscious approach to problems helps us overcome them. Putting people…

Nazlican Kurt

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